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Mary Marquardt: The Famous Ex-Wife Of Harrison Ford

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Meet Mary Marquardt, a former cook well-known for her marriage to Harrison Ford star. From 1964 until 1979, their marriage witnessed her constant support during Ford’s early career. Find more on her life, marriage, family, and net worth in 2024.

Early life Mary Marquardt

  • Mary Marquardt, currently 79 (as of February 2024), was born in 1945 and is American.
  • Following high school, graduated from Ripon College, Wisconsin.
  • Met Harrison Ford in college; first looking at drama classes to get over shyness,
  • Their first meeting came during Brecht’s The Three Penny Opera’s production.
  • Started dating in college and grew to have a strong love relationship.
  • Though popular as a cheerleader, Marquardt turned to cooking and discovered her calling.
  • She started her career as a cook following her graduation, then worked her way up to chef in the United States.

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Marquardt and Harrison Ford

On June 18, 1964, Mary Marquardt and Harrison Ford tied the knot to start their road together. Marquardt was instrumental in helping Ford through his challenges in the early years of his acting career.

Understanding Ford’s potential, Marquardt pushed him to investigate possibilities in Los Angeles, where he worked as a radio station voice-over artist.

Ford signed a $150-a-week contract with “Columbia Pictures” in California, which turned his career favorably even though he did not land the intended employment.

This agreement gave Ford a stage on which to start his Hollywood acting career, therefore setting the groundwork for his eventual success.

When Ford landed the legendary Han Solo in the ground-breaking movie Star Wars in 1977, his career soared.

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Ford, however, had an adulterous affair with his co-star Carrie Fisher, who played Princess Leia in the Star Wars movie, about the same time.

Once Carrie Fisher’s Memoir, “The Princess Diarist,” which explored their connection was published, the romance became public.

Marquardt’s relationship with Ford started to sour as a result, finally guiding their choice to split ways.

After divorcing in 1979, Marquardt decided to keep a low profile and avoid the limelight, concentrating on her personal life far from public view.

Mary Marquardt

Mary Marquardt Sons

1966 saw the couple welcome Benjamin Ford, their first child, into the world; 1969 saw the birth of their second child, Willard Ford. Mary Marquardt had close ties to her sons long after she split from Harrison Ford.

Following in his mother’s footsteps as a chef, her older son Benjamin Ford decided to work in the food business. Mary’s second son, Willard Ford, carved out his own career as a clothier.

In Los Angeles he runs Ludwig Clothing Company and Strong Sports Gym, a boxing gym. Willard co-owns Ford & Ching as well.

Father of two Guiliana and Eliel Willard Ford

Working together in their professional life at a restaurant owned by Harrison Ford in Culver City, California, Marquardt and Benjamin Ford shared ideas.

Currently chef-restaurateur in the United States, Benjamin Ford frequently posts images of his mother on his own Instagram page.
Born from his several marriages, Benjamin Ford has two children: Waylan from his second marriage to Emily and Ethan from his first marriage with Elizabeth Winkler.

Battle Against Multiple Sclerosis

Diagnosed in the early 2000s, Mary Marquardt has multiple sclerosis, which throws off her central nervous system.

Though there were rumors of her passing in 2018, she perseves under the encouragement of her sons.

Her eldest son Benjamin Ford is credited with providing care.
Mary’s declining health keeps her from cooking, but she enjoys her son carrying on her gastronomic legacy. .

She stays idle on social media sites including Instagram and Twitter despite health issues.

2024 Mary Marquardt’s Net Worth

By 2024, expected net worth is $5 million. A sizable late 1970s divorce settlement from Harrison Ford further added to her riches. Renowned Los Angeles professional chef Mary’s cooking attracted interest from well-known customers.

Apart from her cooking ability, Mary is known as a talented artist who spends a lot of her life painting. Unique artistic style grabs spectators with its vivid colors and abstract components.

Over her career, several shows increased her total net worth even more.


All told, Mary Marquardt was rather important as Harrison Ford’s first wife and mother of his two older kids. Her early Ford acting career support gave him the steadiness he needed to concentrate on developing his skills. It was also hazardous.

The pressures on their marriage suffered as that career shot in popularity. After the divorce, Mary gently rebuilt her life, managing new duties as a single parent and developing her own professional identity. She had quiet strength.

From the demands of marriage to a celebrity to health problems like her Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis, Mary has emerged through it all effectively on her own terms. She developed an identity that let her define life beyond simply the former partner of Harrison Ford.

Years after a nasty divorce that turned front page news, Mary maintains her dignity and concentrates on her passions, family, and solitude. Hers is a tale of elegance under fire and wise use of the complicated trip that life offers.

FAQs About Mary Marquardt

The first marriage of Harrison Ford?

Ford married Mary Marquardt for 15 years, from 1964 until 1979, before divorcing her. The relationship suffered as Ford’s ascent to popularity as a Hollywood star combined with time apart for movie filming wore on.

Additionally said to be contributing to the failing marriage was Ford’s affair with actress Carrie Fisher.

Does Harrison Ford have any biologically based children?

Harrison Ford indeed has five biological children from his three marriages. He has boys Benjamin and Willard Ford with his first wife Mary Marquardt.

Ford had a daughter Georgia and a son Malcolm together with a second wife Melissa Mathison. Together with his present wife Calista Flockhart, he also has a son called Liam.

Does the daughter of Harrison Ford act?

None of Ford’s daughters have followed acting professions. Benjamin and Willard Ford, the children of Mary Marquardt, respectively work as carpenters and chefs.

Daughter Georgia of Ford with Melissa Mathison specializes in writing children’s books and journalism.

Is Calista Flockhart able to have children?

Calista Flockhart married Ford in her 40s, and in previous interviews she had indicated desiring children. At 47, she fell pregnant but miscarried.

Later, the couple adopted a kid together called Liam. Based on health issues, Flockhart has said she avoided IVF or other fertility treatments in her 40s.

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