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APNE TV Entertainment has become so important these days as a way to unwind from the busy things in life and enjoy some time in a comfortable and fun space. People have always done it as part of their culture and society, whether it was in the past or now.

Everyone, young and old, loves to watch their favourite films, TV shows, and episodes. We made one APNE TV platform for people because we care about what you think.

Let us quickly explain what we mean: our platform has all kinds of fun for everyone, all the time. It doesn’t just have popular serials.

This site is for people who like to watch movies, reality shows, web series, trendy news, and Bollywood dramas or serials. This channel also has some famous entertainment shows and films from Lollywood and Hollywood.

Articles of Interest

When you go to APNE TV, you can watch a lot of your favourite shows, like Colours TV, Star Plus, Sony TV, Star Bharat, Zed TV, Life OK, and many more. Yes, these are more than enough. Check out our topic page for more options.

There’s no question that these channels are popular right now, and people love to watch their favourite shows. However, it can be hard to find episodes online. Do not worry, we have thought of everything and will always bring the best entertainers to our fans.

People can read episodes of shows and watch videos that help them learn everything about their favourite shows. It’s nice to be able to watch popular films, TV shows, and serials all in one place.

Yes, it is, which is why millions of people who watch APNE TV have. Instead of all of that, this platform lets users see how other people have rated shows, which makes it easy for them to decide if they should watch them.

When it comes to video clips from TV shows, we always give people content that grabs their attention and makes them want to subscribe to this channel. There are also HD shows that are set up in order so that you don’t miss any of them.


TV Coverage of APNE

One more thing about this station is that it shows every part of the show and gives viewers the whole thing. Videos also have the same high-quality material. In simple terms, this is the entertainment app that has everything you need.

Trending TV and Bollywood news are also available on APNE TV, so you can always know what’s going on in the lives of your favourite stars. Look through one of the best entertaining pieces to have fun with your family and friends.

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Movies from Bollywood

Want to watch Bollywood films but don’t know where to go? Without a question, APNE TV is the best place for you to be. It has a lot of Hindi movies, so no matter what kind of Movie you want to watch, you can find it. It can be hard to tell which movie site is giving away the best material for free among all the ones that offer it.

Most people like free sites that don’t ask them to buy anything, and you can be sure that APNE TV is your real movie partner. It will help you quickly find the movie you want and also show you movies that are similar. You can also look through films based on themes, new releases, and popularity.
Indian TV shows and dramas

APNE TV will keep you up to date on all of your favourite shows and serials. We have a wide range of serials, including comedies, romances, thrillers, emotional stories, and more.

During live streams, some people miss their shows, and it doesn’t make sense to watch the next episode after skipping the previous one. Don’t worry—we’ve listed all the episodes in a way that makes sense so that users don’t miss any of their favourite shows.

Hindi Web Shows

This APNE TV has thought about all of you who like to watch series and learn about the stars and actresses who work in web series. As of late, Hindi Web Series have become more popular, and there’s no denying that the stories are top-notch and full of charm.

We have an area just for people who like web series. There you can find shows like Rocket Boys, Aashiqana, Flames, Delhi Crime, Family Man, Class, Aranyak, and many more.

This station has something for everyone, whether you like comedies or crime shows. One more thing you’ll like about this platform is how quickly it updates. This channel has the newest seasons and shows before any other platform.

The Truth and Game Shows

Some people watch reality or game shows all the time, like Bigg Boss, Roadies, Kaun Banega Crorepati, and so on. They never miss an episode. This station will help you keep up with all the news about your shows. It will tell you everything you need to know about your favourite show, like who is winning, who is currently in charge, who was kicked off, and who will be the winner.

It will make sure you don’t miss anything important about your favorite stars and shows.

Live Interviews and Talk Shows

People from all over the world watch and enjoy The Kapil Sharma Show, Koffee with Karan, Comedy Nights with Kapil, Desi Vibes with Shehnaaz Gill, and other famous Hindi talk shows. Stars of these shows talk about their personal lives, future and ongoing projects, and a lot more.

People are interested in what their favourite celebrities are doing in their personal lives, like their marriages, kids, and other things. That’s why hosts ask these kinds of questions when people ask them. The shows of Karan Johar, Shehnaz Gill, and Kapil Sharma are popular right now, and their material has been seen by millions of people.

Events and Functions for Awards

Events and functions for the Hindi Award are well-known for bringing together thousands of movie and TV stars who are up for prizes. There is also music and melody in these kinds of shows, which makes them great for fun. To give all stars credit for their work, events need to be put on that show appreciation for their talent and make people laugh.

Some of these big award functions are remembering famous people, imitating them, praising actors’ new work, and giving them awards for stunning performances. Sometimes, only certain people who have been nominated for the show are called. In general, this situation shows that both new and famous people appreciate and get along with each other.

Content for Your Area of Interest

This TV station also shows regional shows because it has a wide range of dramas, films, and series that viewers from different states and languages can enjoy. APNE TV’s main goal is to offer a wide range of material so that viewers can experience a lot of different things.

News That Matters

Viewers can also find out what’s new in the lives of their favourite actors on this show. This station has all kinds of shows, from Bollywood to TV news. Our efficiency comes from giving our users all the important coverage on time, before anyone else does.

Without a question, APNE TV is a great way to watch Hindi TV and Bollywood Bliss.

TV Channels

APNE TV shows a lot of Hindi channels and keeps its fans entertained with new episodes and news every day. This channel has a lot of different types of content to meet the needs of all kinds of people, as we’ve already talked about. It gives you access to content from all the big Hindi platforms.

Don’t worry about the quality or shows that aren’t there. We pay attention to what our viewers want and always give them high-quality content so they can’t leave this station. Let’s take a look at the different channels that this app shows.


Star Plus

India’s Star Plus programme is one of the best things that The Walt Disney Company has ever made. There are a lot of different types of serials, game shows, reality shows, and talent shows here.

This channel has been known for years to be of good quality and work well. Not just a few of the dramas on this station are well-known; every year, hundreds of dramas become popular.

The main thing that draws people to this station is its production of family-friendly dramas. Another good thing about this station is that it has dramas that go on for a long time. Characters are played by people of all ages, and it takes a long time for people to still enjoy the stories of their loved ones.

Some old, well-known dramas that you can watch on this station are “Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi,” “Kasauti Zindagi Kay,” and “Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai.” Titli, Imlie, and Anupamaa are some of the most popular shows right now.

Colours TV

Dramas from the popular channel Colours TV are also shown on this app. There are also a lot of different kinds of popular shows, serials, reality shows, comedies, and horror films on this station. This station is very important to the Indian TV industry because it airs reality shows like Bigg Boss.

This channel’s shows are always full of new ideas and interesting plots. Users are also drawn to this channel’s high-quality images. “Naagin” on Colours TV is the most popular show right now, and people love to watch it.

Star Bharat

Life OK has a new upgrade called Star Bharat. It has a mix of styles, such as mythology, drama, comedy, and reality shows. This TV station is one of the most popular ones, and it was started by the Walt Disney Company. Fans of the popular show “Savdhan India Fight Back Now” will know that it airs on this station.

This kind of dedicated and important material makes people aware of crimes. Also, some of the most popular shows right now are “RadhaKrishn,” “Na Umra Ki Seema Ho,” and “Wo To Albeela Hai.”

Zed TV

Zed TV is a great place to watch family-friendly and romantic shows. Zed TV is the only place where people can watch their favourite shows, such as “Kumkum Bhagya,” “Kundali Bhagya,” “Jamayi Raja,” and “And Pravitra Rishta” The HD level of shows keeps people interested and draws them in.

At first, it was just a small channel that people in the Indian States could watch. But over the years, it has become very famous. Its shows are loved by people from all over the world. People who like Zed TV shows will know about the well-known show “Jodha Akbar”

Sony Entertainment Television

On Sony TV, you can watch well-known shows like CID, Crime Patrol, and Adaalat. People know that this station has the best crime investigation shows. It is India’s number one channel, and its main goal is to lead the Indian entertainment business. It has a lot of different types of shows for fans, and it’s now available all over the world. This station has a lot of popular shows.

Based on the types of shows it shows, this station has a lot of funny shows, such as The Kapil Sharma Show and India’s Laughter Champion. There are reality shows like Indian Idol and scary shows like Aahat. From its start in 1998 until now, it has kept people interested with great serials.

Sony SAB

Sony SAB is a part of Sony Pictures Network, and it’s known for giving people funny and entertaining material. It has been able to show hit comedies and long-running soaps.

The main reason these kinds of plays are shown is to make people laugh and draw them in. This station shows both funny (you can say funny) and family-friendly dramas.

TV shows from Sony SAB that are well known include “Balveer”, “Madam Sir”, “Aladdin”, and “Jija Ji Chath Par Koi Hai”. The main types of shows on this station are sitcoms, dramas, fantasy shows, and comedies. Users are happy with each new show that it gives them.


Sony Play Station

Sony Pictures Network also owns this station, which started in 2014. It’s not too far apart like some other Sony stations, but it still aims for a large audience. It features serials in the love, relationship, and family themes.

Also, dramas that are already shown on other Sony stations are shown again on this channel. “Dill Hain Chotasa Choti Si Asha,” “Simply Baatein With Raveena,” and “Singhasan Battisi” are some of the dramas that this station has shown.


Zed Entertainment owns this channel, which is well-known for having interesting stories, strong characters, and good images. From dramas to comedies to reality shows, this station has it all. Serials are more interesting when they have their own forms and themes.

The funny shows on this station are the best thing about it. Millions of people watch them. “Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai,” “Pushpa Impossible,” “Happu Ki Ultan Paltan,” and “Meri Hanikarak Biwi” are some of the most well-known shows on this station.


MTV shows music videos, reality shows, and talent competitions geared towards young people. These shows help young people get better at what they do and show off their skills. Also, shows like Rodaies help people face their fears. These reality shows are run by great actors and actresses, who choose the winners based on how well each contestant does.

One of the best things about showing these kinds of shows is that you can find new talent. This station has some well-known shows, such as SplitsVilla, Roadies, Kaisi Ye Yaarian, and MTV Music School.

How Users Interact

If you want to watch the best movies and articles, APNE TV is always here for you. Users can watch their favourite movies, web series, serials, and other types of shows. We’ve covered everything for you. There is a browse tab that lets you look through the material and pick out the best one for you.

Our site is a reliable source that offers thousands of shows, so you don’t have to worry because the content is always fresh and real. Also, there is an area after each drama where you can write your thoughts about it if you have any questions or want to leave a comment.

You can watch Hindi shows on Apne TV.

  • Some well-known stations are Sony TV
  • Zed TV
  • Colours TV on MTV
  • Sony S.A.B.
  • Amol Zed Star Plus
  • Star Bharat TV

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