HMS Home Warranty

HMS Home Warranty: What You Need to Know

by Maha

Are you familiar with home warranties? If not, then we are here to tell you what is a home warranty and how you can secure your houses with the help of HMS home warranty. In today’s busy world, we cannot take the risk of damaging our homes and home appliances. 

HMS home warranty provides complete security the unexpected breakdowns in your home and also gives you mental peace with financial security. In this article, we will give you complete information about the plan and coverage of HMS home warranty and also about its pros and cons.

Company Pros and Cons

                  Pros                          Cons  
The client report is fair  Greatly available in the US  
Low cancellation fee  Greatly available in the US  
Award-winning company     

HMS Home Warranty

 HMS Editorial Notes 

 HMS Home Warranty is most old company which was established 40 years ago. It also provides its services across the USA like in California, New York, and Virginia. In October 2019 this company was rebranded as Cinch Home Service. Which provides easy and fresh services and an easy home warranty experience.

The premium of this company ranges from $489 and $587.The value of this company is due to its services because it provides a mental piece to all types of homeowners and realtors.

The amazing thing of this company is that the representative us available 24 hours on a single call. The reviews of the customers about this company are great.

HMS Trustworthiness

HMS home warranty was developed in 1979 when some other industries joined the Total Protect Home warranty. Till now the company has provided unbeatable services to customers except in Alaska and Hawaii.

Information      Description  
Established 1979  
Registered in   Fort Lauderdale   
Type of company  Private  
CEO  Beverly Dabreau  
Available states   Except Alaska and Hawaii  
OwnershipCross country  
   Sister companies   Total protection home warranty  

HMS Home Warranty

HMS Reputation

HMS home warranty BBB rating is B+ which is too good as compared to other companies.  The company received 2.2 out of 5 stars on behalf of 239 customer reviews as compared to other such companies like Select Home warranty.

Coverage and Plans

HMS home warranty offers a huge variety of plans for home sellers and home buyers. Following are some plans available for single-family homes.

  • Duplexes 
  • Townhouses
  • Condos
  • New home construction

Home sellers and home buyers can only purchase a basic plan for single-family homes. It includes some major services like major home systems, appliances, and pest control services. 

The premier plan is only for the buyers which includes some upgrade packages like homeowner insurance in addition to the basic plan. Furthermore, repair companies also offer home buyers some optional coverage such as water heater units, pools, spas, and many more but each item is priced separately.

There is information in the following which gives you a general idea about coverage and plan limit.

Air conditioning 

For this purpose, the HMS home warranty covers the mechanical replacement parts and components for up to two systems of the ducted electrical central heat pump system and the cooler units. The coverage limit is $1500 per agreement term. 

Plumbing System

In this system company includes mechanical parts and components of the garbage disposal, shower, tab valves, leaks, and breaks caused by freezing and toilet tank mechanism. Coverage includes access, diagnosis, and repair. Note that 14 days are required for this service.

Septic System

This project covers the mechanical parts and components of the sewage ejector pump present within the main foundation. The cleaning of plaques within the connecting waste line leading from the house to the primary tank, which is connected to the normal water which can be accessed through an existing clean out.The coverage limit for pumping the septic tank is $500 and $1000 for septic tank replacement.

Electric System

Electric system coverage by HMS home warranty includes mechanical parts attached with the outer load-bearing walls consisting of a ceiling fan motor. All exhaust fans in the house, interior lights, and doorbells can be fixed by a repairman.  

Home Appliances

HMS home warranty includes all parts that affect the major home appliances. Like washer and dryer, refrigerator, and dishwasher. Oven, stove, and microwave. The coverage limit is $3000 per contract which is above the market average limit. Optional coverage is also available for homebuyers like swimming pools, spas, and more.

HMS National Coverage 

HMS national warranty is best known as clinch home services. It offers coverage for home appliances and systems in 3 plans 

Appliances Plan 

This plan has essential home kitchen and laundry appliances like clothes dryers, wall ovens, cooktops, dishwashers, exhaust hoods, refrigerators, freestanding ice makers, and many more.

Built-in System plan

This plan includes major home systems like smoke detectors, water heaters, ceiling fans, plumbing systems, sump pumps, garbage disposal, doorbells, hot water dispensers, electrical systems, heating systems with ductwork, garage door openers, and air conditioning. 

Complete home plan 

HMS home warranty provides a complete home plan that covers all the items in the home system and appliances plan. As compared to other warranty homes it covers a lot of items in their plan. According to research, at least 5 out of 100 claims are rejected.

This home warranty plan suits homeowners who want a huge coverage on their homes. After all a home warranty will save you money in repairs and replacement, especially with the old ones  

HMS National expense

As you see the HMS home warranty plan is more comprehensive and simple which ensures the protection of your house and house appliances. Like American Home Shields build your plan, HMS warranty plan prices may vary according to the services.

Let’s see the table which shows the average cost of the HMS National

Service feeAppliances planBuilt in systemComplete home plan
HMS Home Warranty

 This table shows the HMS home warranty plan for a home in North Carolina and these prices will vary according to the state depending on the area. American homeowners pay between $25-$50 in a month and $50-$100 as a service fee for a home warranty plan. we can only find this by checking out their coverage limits.

Let’s see a table that compares the coverage limits for home appliances by different home warranty companies.

Home warranty companyAverage cost plansService feeCoverage limit plumbingCoverage limit ductworkCoverage limit referigeratorCoverage limit air conditioning
Clinch home service$34.99 $49.99 $51.99$100 $125 $150$1000$1000$3000$1500
American home shield$49.99 $59.99$75 $100 $125$1000$1000$3000$1500
Select home warranty$35.83 $35.83 $37.70$60 $75$500$500$500$2000


After this comparison, it is clear that AHS provides cheaper coverage limits with the best services. On the other hand, select home warranty is also very affordable but their services are not comprehensive and their coverage limit is low. The clinch home service cancellation fee is below then the industry level.


HMS home warranty reviews were collected from different sites. We collected more than 1000 reviews from different sites which include great experience. The average score ranged from 1 out of 5. Happy customers report positive and good points while unhappy customers complain about communication problems.

Sometimes when a customer leaves a negative comment there must be a misunderstanding between the company and the client it must be clear after a short time.

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Here we sum up our article that HMS home warranty is one of the oldest companies as compared to other warranty home companies. For the past 40 years, this company has had many great experiences with in-home services and customer satisfaction.

We collected the home warranty reviews which helped us a lot to clarify that this company provides great services from home systems to home appliances. The HMS home warranty terms and conditions may vary depending on the state and on the area where services are required but a homeowner can experience more battery from the HMS home warranty.

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