About PlugBoxLinux

About PlugBoxLinux: Everything You Need to Know

by Maha

As the number of Linux versions changes the About PlugBoxLinux stays flexible and takes a different approach. PlugBox Linux is a perfect kind of Linux for many systems like plug computers and low-power gadgets.

In this article, we cover complete detail about plugbox Linux like its history, features, applications, and benefits. After reading this article, it must be your first choice for your embedded system. Let’s get started!

History and Evolution

About plugBoxLinux starts with the Arch Linux ARM project. The main aim was to give the freedom of Arch Linux to devices with an ARM architecture. The main purpose of the plug box is to plug the computers together.

These small power computers, look like oversized computer adapters and are used when a full power server is unnecessary.  The main aim of this plugBox Linux is to give an operating system that is small, fast, and easy.

It gives an idea to keep things simple and give the user control, which makes it the most popular choice of developers.


Important Features

Many features of PlugBox Linux make it more popular among the developers. let’s have a look!

Lightweight and useful

plugBox Linux is very lightweight. It makes sure that it works well even on hardware with some necessary resources. In this way, we can say that it is very important for the embedded system, where speed and power are also very important.

Model with Rolling Release

Plugbox Linux uses a model known as “rolling releases” which comes from its roots. This means that the users do not have to wait for any big release, they can get updates all the time. This model ensures that the system always has the newest software, security changes, and features. So, there is no need to upgrade the model to a new major version.

Ability to customize

Plugbox Linux offers a customization option for its users. They are free to load any package and can set up the system in any way according to their requirements. This thing makes it small and flexible as well as also make it unique.

Pacman package Manager

Plugbox Linux used the Pacman package manager for being quick and easy to use. Pacman makes it simple to set up, update, and easy to control. This will also give you access to the arch users.

Help for the community

The users who use Arch Linux are known for having a busy and strong support system. This is best for PlugBox Linux because it offers lots of instructions and user can use it to fix problems and make their system run better.

Application of About PlugBoxLinux

Server for home use

Home computers can also be set up with plug-box Linux. This is a very great idea and there is no need for any other resource we can share data, and play media resources at home. A plug computer with plugBox can act as a stable and inexpensive server if it is set up correctly.

Everything IoT

The Internet of Things has created a revolution and people want a small lightweight flexible operating system. For this purpose, Linux is a great choice. It can power many internet devices and give a very stable and flexible base to developers and users for building and developing apps.

Building and testing

PlugBox Linux is a very powerful development tool for those people who want to make apps on ARM processors. This ensures that the users have access to the newest tools and libraries. The ability to customize the development environment is its unique ability.

Appliances for networks

pluBox Linux helps to make your routers, firewalls, VPN servers, and other network tools.  it is small and flexible and can handle the traffic very well, it can also customize with security measures and network control tools.

Advantages of PlugBox Linux

How it works

PlugBox Linux works very well on devices that do not have a lot of memory and processing power because it can optimize the speed. It makes sure that with the use of few resources you can get as much speed as you need. You can also customize the installation to include the necessary parts.


About PlugBox Linux take security very seriously because it is very important for any operating system. It is a perfect choice for all systems because it can get regular updates and can fix any security changes.

Saving on costs

plugBox Linux is open source and free to use, so it can be used for both personal and professional projects. The low hardware requirements make the overall cost low. This makes it possible to use cheap devices for complicated jobs.


Linux has many versions but the PlugBox Linux is a perfect choice for all the developers because it can work well with any operating system. This software is great due to its unique features because it is small, flexible, and has strong community support. PlugBox Linux gives you the speed and protection that you need to set up a home server or create network appliances.

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