0948 What Network

0948 What Network

by Maha

Curious about the network to which the prefix 0948 belongs? Is it DITO, Smart, or Globe? Together, let’s reveal it at this precise moment.

0948 uses TNT (Talk ‘n Text) or Smart Communications as its mobile network.

Indeed, Smart or TNT can be associated with the prefix 0948. The links below will allow you to view the list of additional Smart and TNT network prefixes.

Examining Various Network Types

Our everyday lives are significantly impacted by technology in today’s increasingly linked society. We use networks to connect to the digital world, whether it is for phone calls, emails, or internet browsing. We will examine various network types in this blog post, comprehending their functions and significance. Now let’s get started!

0948 What Network

Networks in Local Areas (lans)

Local area networks, or LANs for short, are computer networks that link devices in a constrained geographic region, such as a home, office building, or school. LANs are made to make it easier for devices that are connected to share resources like files, printers, and internet access.

They offer a quick and dependable means of communication between devices connected to the same network. In order to provide seamless connectivity, LANs are often constructed utilizing Ethernet cables or Wi-Fi connections.

Both consumers and businesses can benefit from these networks’ high-speed data transfer rates, reduced latency, and improved security measures. For instance, LANs in an office setting allow staff members to share files, work together on projects, and access shared resources, all of which increase efficiency and productivity.

WANs, or Wide Area Networks

Wide Area Networks, or WANs, are networks that span great geographic distances as opposed to Local Area Networks (LANs), which are restricted to a small area. WANs link several LANs, facilitating easy data sharing and communication between users who are spread out geographically. WANs facilitate long-distance data transmission using telecommunication links such as satellites, internet connections, or leased lines.

Organizations with several branches or offices dispersed throughout various locations frequently use WANs. Through the virtual world these networks provide, distant workers can interact with coworkers, access company resources, and complete tasks together. We are able to share and access information from anywhere in the world because to the vital role WANs play in linking people and organizations worldwide.

Networks Without Wired

Wireless networks have become an indispensable aspect of our life in the modern era of mobility. Without the use of physical cables, wireless networks enable devices to connect to the internet or other networks. Mobile data connections and Wi-Fi networks are typical examples.

The way we stay connected and obtain information has been completely transformed by wireless technology. Wi-Fi networks are widely available in homes, coffee shops, airports, and other public spaces, offering many devices simple simultaneous internet access.

However, we can access the internet and other network services when we’re on the go thanks to mobile data networks. With wireless networks, you may connect devices freely, flexibly, and without being physically confined to one place. They now play a crucial role in our everyday activities by allowing us to work, communicate, and maintain connections from any location at any time.

Considerations For Selecting A Network

Think about aspects like dependability, speed, security, scalability, and compatibility with current systems when choosing a network for 0948. Considerations for Selecting a Network When choosing a network for your personal or professional use, there are a few important things to think about.

Your choice of network will directly affect the scalability, security, dependability, and connection of your internet. It’s crucial to thoroughly consider each of these factors to make sure you choose the network that best meets your needs.

Bandwidth and Speed

For reliable and quick internet connectivity, a network’s speed and bandwidth are essential. Think about the available upload and download speeds as well as the network’s bandwidth capacity when selecting a network.

When your network has a lot of bandwidth and high-speed capabilities, you can download files, stream films, and communicate in real time without having to wait for a long period.

Security And Dependability

When selecting a network, dependability and security ought to be given high consideration. Robust security features protect your data and sensitive information from cyber attacks and unlawful access, while a dependable network guarantees persistent connectivity without frequent outages.

The Ability to Scale

A network’s scalability is essential for meeting the expanding and changing requirements of your company. Without sacrificing performance, a scalable network may readily grow to accommodate more users and devices and satisfy rising demand.

In conclusion, when selecting a network, scalability, security, and dependability are crucial factors to take into account. You can make sure that the network you choose satisfies your requirements for scalability, security, and connection by carefully weighing these elements.

Comparing Networks: Wired and Wireless

There are two primary methods for configuring a network: wired and wireless. It’s critical to comprehend the benefits and drawbacks of each kind of network since they each have advantages and disadvantages. We shall examine the advantages and disadvantages of wired and wireless networks in this post.

Wired Networks’ Benefits And Drawbacks

As the name implies, wired networks use actual cables to link devices. Let’s examine the benefits and drawbacks of this kind of network:

Benefits of Networks That Are Wired

  1. Reliable: As opposed to wireless networks, wired networks provide a more steady and dependable connection.
  2. Security: Because they are less susceptible to unwanted access, wired networks are usually more secure.
  3. Speed: Larger files and activities requiring a lot of bandwidth can be transferred more quickly on wired networks.
  4. Less Interference: Because wired networks don’t rely on wireless transmissions, other devices or ambient elements are less likely to interfere with them.

Wired Networks ave Certain Drawbacks

  • Installation: Installing cables and connectors is necessary for a wired network setup, which can be more difficult and time-consuming.
  • Flexibility: Compared to wireless networks, wired networks are less adaptable. The actual locations of the devices and the length of the wires are your only options.
  • Portability: Devices connected to wired networks must go through cables, which restricts movement because these networks are fixed.
  • Cost: Compared to wireless networks, wired networks may require more initial setup and ongoing maintenance.

Conversely, wireless networks use wireless signals to connect devices, doing away with the necessity for physical wires. Now let’s examine the benefits and drawbacks of wireless networks.

0948 What Network

Wireless Network Benefits:

  • Convenience: You can share files and connect to the internet via a wireless network without being constrained by physical cords.
  • Easy Installation: Since all you need is a wireless router and compatible devices, setting up a wireless network is not too difficult.
  • Interference: Slower speeds or lost connections can be caused by signal interference from other electrical devices or physical obstacles on wireless networks.
  • Security Concerns: If wireless networks are not adequately secured with strong passwords and encryption, they are more susceptible to illegal access.
  • Speed: Compared to wired networks, wireless networks typically offer poorer data transfer speeds despite advances.
  • Reliability: The stability of connections on wireless networks can fluctuate, particularly in places where a lot of devices are sharing the same network.

What Part Network Providers Play

Network providers are essential to bringing people and companies into the digital age. They act as the link that permits internet access, data transfer, and communication.

The need for dependable and effective network services is increasing as technology develops, making the choice of a network provider essential for any kind of business or individual.

Network Provider Types

There are various kinds of network providers to take into account. Each kind meets particular customer wants and provides particular services. The main categories of network providers are as follows:

  • Providers of internet services (ISPs)
  • MNOs, or mobile network operators
  • Providers of Wireless Internet Services (WISPs)
  • Managed Service Providers (MSPs): Cable and Satellite Providers

Important Things To Look For When Choosing A Provider

Selecting the best network provider is a crucial choice that needs to be carefully considered. Before choosing, a number of important factors should be taken into account. Among the essential elements to take into account are:

  • Continuity and Availability
  • Bandwidth and Speed
  • SLAs, or service level agreements
  • Protection of Data and Security
  • Customer Service and Support Levels
  • Plan Cost and Flexibility

Enhancing the Performance of Networks

Putting important methods like QoS and network monitoring tools into practice is essential if you want your network to function at its best. Let’s examine these crucial procedures.

Putting Quality of Service (qos) to Use

  • Setting priorities for different kinds of network traffic
  • guarantees that important data packets receive special attention
  • reduces latency and boosts network efficiency overall

Setting Up Network Monitoring Instruments

  • Monitoring network performance metrics in real-time
  • Early identification of possible problems or bottlenecks
  • increases network security through the detection of anomalies

New Developments in Networking

The networking industry is changing quickly, and new trends are influencing how we connect and communicate. Let’s examine how these developments are changing the face of networking.

Networks and the Internet of Things (iot) IoT gadgets: which allow for seamless connectivity between systems and objects, are completely changing the way we engage with technology.

  • IoT devices function within networks to effectively exchange data.
  • These networks are made to manage enormous amounts of data produced by Internet of Things devices.
  • For data sent over IoT networks to be protected, security precautions are essential.

Networking Affected by 5G Technology

With its incredibly fast speed and low latency, 5G technology is expected to completely change networking capabilities.

  • 5G networks will improve device connectivity and speed up data transfer.
  • They will make cutting-edge services possible, like as driverless cars and augmented reality.
  • In order to meet the demands of 5G technology, network infrastructure will need to be improved.

Making Certain Network Security

Organizations must put strong safeguards in place to safeguard their systems and data against potential dangers when it comes to network security. To protect sensitive data, guarantee business continuity, and uphold the confidence of clients and partners, network security is essential.

Network Cybersecurity Measures

The digital environment of today is characterized by increasingly complex cyberthreats. 0948 What Network uses a number of cybersecurity safeguards to defend network infrastructure against these threats:

  • Frequent vulnerability assessments and audits are used to find and fix any possible network vulnerabilities.
  • utting in place user authentication procedures and strict access controls to stop unwanted access.
  • Installing a firewall will help to block potential dangers by monitoring and filtering incoming and outgoing network traffic.
  • Real-time threat intelligence and ongoing network monitoring are used to quickly detect and address security incidents.

Encryption of Data and Secure Communication

Sensitive information is shielded from unwanted access thanks to data encryption, which is a crucial component of network security. Industry-standard encryption algorithms are used at 0948 What Network to encrypt all data that is transferred between servers, devices, and applications. By doing this, the network’s many components may communicate securely and prevent data from being intercepted.

Secure communication protocols like Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) are also implemented by 0948 What Network in addition to data encryption. The confidentiality and integrity of data in transit are ensured by these protocols, which create a secure and encrypted connection between the client and server.

The Networking Future

More connected and efficient systems are what networking will look like in the future, especially with the introduction of 0948 What Network. This evolution driven by technology has the potential to completely change the way we interact and work together in a digitally connected society.

As technology develops and influences how we interact and communicate, networking is poised for a dramatic metamorphosis in the future. The networking landscape is set to undergo significant transformation, ranging from the integration of artificial intelligence to the impending revolution of 0948 What Network.

Forecasts for the Development of Network Technology

Seismic changes are expected in the field of network technology as 5G networks proliferate and have the potential to completely transform connectivity. With the advent of edge computing, data processing will become more decentralized, resulting in lower latency and better user experiences.

Moreover, the development of intelligent, networked settings will result from the incorporation of Internet of Things (IoT) devices into networking infrastructure. It is anticipated that these developments would improve the scalability, speed, and dependability of networks, creating the foundation for creative applications in a range of sectors.

0948 What Network

Network Effects of Artificial Intelligence

Network management and optimization will be significantly impacted by artificial intelligence’s integration with networking as it develops. Network analytics and predictive maintenance with AI-powered algorithms will optimize processes, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

AI-enabled security measures will also strengthen network defenses against dynamic cyberattacks, guaranteeing strong security for private information and communication channels.

AI’s introduction into networking signals the beginning of a new era of intelligent, adaptable systems that can handle changing network demands on their own. A confluence of technology innovations that promise to transform the digital world and redefine connectivity characterizes the future of networking.

There are countless opportunities for innovation and unparalleled connectivity in the trajectory of networking, from the quick development of network technology to the merging of artificial intelligence.

List of Philippine Mobile Prefixes, Including Smart, Globe, Sun, and Others

You must be aware of the numbers you are calling and messaging in order to get the most out of your mobile plans and promotions. The list of mobile number prefixes that the various networks in the Philippines use is updated and can be found below. The first four digits of an 11-digit telecom network contact number are the mobile prefixes.

Globe / Touch Mobile (TM) Network

0817Globe Postpaid0963Globe
0917Also used on Globe Postpaid0975Globe
0927Globe0977 TM formerly Next Mobile – prepaid / Also used on Globe Prepaid and Globe Postpaid Plan
0937 ABS-CBN mobile (defunct)0996 Cherry Prepaid
0948 What Network

Smart / Talk ‘N Text (TNT) Network

0813Smart Postpaid0949TNT
0918TNT / Also used on Smart Postpaid Plan.0970Smart
0920TNT / Previously Addict Mobile0980Smart
0930TNT / Previously Red Mobile0989Smart
0938TNT / Previously Red Mobile0992Smart
0939TNT / Previously Red Mobile0998TNT
0940Smart0999TNT / Previously UMobile Number
0948 What Network

Sun Cellular Network

0922Sun Celluar0942Sun Celluar
0923Sun Celluar0943Sun Celluar
0924Sun Celluar0944Sun Celluar
0925Sun Celluar0951Sun Celluar
0931Sun Celluar0952Sun Celluar
0932Sun Celluar0962Sun Celluar
0933Sun Celluar0971Sun Celluar
0934Sun Celluar0972Sun Celluar
0941Sun Celluar
0948 What Network

Other networks and subsidiaries

Addict Mobile Under Smart
0920TNT / previously Addict Mobile Number
Express Telecom (Extelcom) Under Globe and Smart
0973Globe / Smart
0974Globe / Smart
Next Mobile Under Globe
0977TM previously Next Mobile Prepaid / Also used on Globe Postpaid Plan SIMS
0948 What Network

Frequently Requested Questions

The following are some common inquiries concerning this prefix:

1. What is 0948 SIM?

0948 Talk N Text on Globe or Touch Mobile. 0949 Smart 0917 Globe. Postpaid Globe 9173 0950 Talk N Text

2. 0948: Is It TNT or Smart?

Talk ‘n Text is the mobile network for 0948 or 63948.

3. Which Sim is 0969?

A Malaysian mobile number with the prefix “SIM 0969” indicates that it is associated with the Digi telecom network.

4. Which is it, Globe or TNT?

Both TNT and Globe are respectable companies that provide distinctive services tailored to meet various needs.

5. How Can You Tell Whether It’s a Globe or Smart Number?

You can look up the first four digits of a cellphone number to find out if it’s Smart or Globe. Generally speaking, numbers beginning with 09 are Globe, and those beginning with 07 are Smart.


0948 What Network provides a complete solution to support organizations in thriving in the hyperconnected world of today. Businesses can benefit from seamless connectivity and increased productivity because to its dependable network infrastructure and cutting-edge technology. Whether you want to grow your network or make improvements to your current one, 0948 What Network has the knowledge and tools to help you achieve your goals.

Count on 0948 What Network to meet your networking needs with the appropriate solutions. Take the first step toward success right now!

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